Here’s What Dbanj’s Stylist Swanky Jerry Had To Say About The Mo’Hits Break Up

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Dbanj certainly had a lot of dirty laundry piling up to be aired and it seemed like he couldn’t wait to do so.  He got his opportunity when Olisa approache him to be the next line up act for his series, The Truth.

360Nobs gave you the full report  a moment ago which had the artiste say that Dr Sid was the brain behind the break up of the defunct Mo’Hits records.

A correspondent made a call through to D’Banj’s Stylist, Jeremiah Ogbodo, (popularly known as Swanky Jerry) and all he could say was that, although he wasn’t friends with D’banj all the while he was in Mo’Hits record, he wouldn’t know if Dr Sid was the bad egg.

He said, “I am friends with D’Banj now that i work for him as his personal stylist, but I really can’t say what caused the breakup while he was in Mohits records, so I am in no position to tell what went wrong”

Apparently that’s his story and he is sticking to it.

Could he be avoiding controversy as regards who said what? Or he is just trying to play safe, and not wanting to step on toes?

Spoiler Alert: Swanky also has Dr Sid as one of his clients.

Watch the video here

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