Girl 8, Locked In Wardrobe, Starved, Tortured & Raped Repeatedly By Own Parents For 5 Years

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A frightened 8-year-old little girl was locked in a wardrobe for five years by her own parents so she could be used as a sex slave to satisfy their twisted desires.

Lauren Kavanaugh was banned from eating, tortured and raped nightly by her mother and step-father.

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In events disturbingly reminiscent of the abuse carried out by Austria’s notorious sex fiend Josef Fritzel, Lauren’s childhood was spent living captive in a 4ft by 9ft closet from the age of three, separated from her brothers and sisters and the rest of the world.

When she was pulled from the tiny cupboard aged eight, she weighed just 25.6 pounds the same as the average two-year-old.

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The evil paedophiles called Lauren their ‘little secret’ only bringing her out to rape and torture her but were caught when they showed her off to a horrified neighbour who alerted police.

She was rushed to surgery where she was fitted with a colostomy bag, but her organs were shutting down.

Lauren, now a 21-year-old student, is bravely speaking out about her horrifying ordeal so she can help other survivors of sexual abuse.

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