Fr. Mbaka Reveals He Has Been Receiving Death Threats

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Rev, Father Ejike Mbaka who delivered a controversial statement on President Jonathan’s administration and described it as full of ‘bad luck’ & poor performance revealed during a Sunday service on the 4th of January that he has been receiving death threats.

The clergyman said however, that he was not afraid of anybody and that he has delivered the message he was sent to deliver. He says he has been accused of receiving money from APC Presidential candidate Gen Muhammadu Buhari, a man he claimed he doesn’t know in person.

“Tell them I am not afraid of them. I have said what I was asked to say. The only word I have for them is Isaiah 54:15,17: ‘Surely they shall gather, but because the gathering is not of God they shall scatter. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.’

They said Buhari gave me money, but I have never met with Buhari. I don’t know him in person. I only delivered the message I was given and I stand by that message because the future of this country is bleak with Jonathan on the saddle.” he said

Fr. Mbaka said he would have delivered his message to Patience Jonathan privately but efforts to reach her failed on several occasions.

“When she came here, I told her to give me her number so that I could give her messages, but thrice she refused. It was later she told one of the pastors with her to give me his number. So, before that message, I had called the number for two weeks but it was always the Personal Assistant to the pastor that picked the calls”he said

He said if President Jonathan is re-elected, “the next four years will be hell for the country. People are crying of hanger but then you will see what is hunger.”



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