Five Fashion Don’ts To Adhere To For Your First Date

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Your first dates are very important because well, first impression lasts longer than you think. On first meeting, people form a bit of opinion about what you are like. So, it is very important not to make mistakes, especially with what you have on so as not to make mistakes. From your hair to your shoes, these are the fashion mistakes you should not make on your first date:

  1. Dress Your Best But Do Not Overdress: it is important to look your best. Dress well but do not overdress. Simple and chic always does it. If you wear too much clothes, you will come off looking like you are trying too hard to impress. So keep it lovely, yet simple.
  2. Loud Make-up Is A No No: excess make-up has a way of making you look like a circus clown. As you should not go overboard with your clothes, so should you not go overboard with your make-up. Keep your make so simple, it looks almost natural. Instead of going for dramatic make-up, choose a nude make-up look because it makes you look natural and simple yet beautiful if you do it well.
  3. Never Flash More Skin Than Necessary: don’t show off so much skin that your date thinks you are displaying your wares for sale. You don’t want to come off looking cheap and all. So keep thing simple and very decent too, although there’s nothing wrong with looking sexy while keeping it decent.
  4. Neatness means a lot: clean your shoes, spray some nice deodorants, brush your teeth; be neat. It is hard to say what someone really wants to see in the other, so try and show to the other person that you can take care of yourself very well. There is no how you can remove cleanliness from your fashion statements
  5. Wear What You Are Comfortable In: the key is to impress your date but do not forget your comfort comes first too. Wear clothes that you are so comfortable in. When you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, it makes you feel confident in yourself.

Remember fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it. Keep it simple, chic and neat. Do not overdo things or dress shabbily. Ask for people’s opinion when picking your clothes for your date. That helps you make the right decision as you may be too flustered to pick the perfect dress for your date.

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