Fashion Tips: Three Types Of Shoes You Should Purchase In 2015

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2015 is the year to correct those fashion mistakes you made in 2014. Your shoes are fashion items you can’t afford to be cheap about and when you buy right then you don’t need a 100 pairs because the little you have works perfectly well for you. There are three types of shoes that comes as a must buy in 2015 and they are Block heel sandals, Court shoes and Sneakers, even when you choose to splurge on your shoes, you must ensure you have all three types in 2015.

Block heel Sandals

These fashion footwear is everything comfortable and beyond. Easy to wear and it comes in very amazing colors. For those who get scared of wearing heels, this is a go-to. The kind of comfort you feel cannot be explained. You can wear the block heel sandals either for a formal or casual outing. You can also rock this piece for all your parties.

blocked heels


shos block

Court Shoes

These are more formal shoes but you can also wear them for parties. They might not be all that comfortable but they are truly desiring. The court shoes gives you a very smart look and if you let 2014 pass without a air, then ensure you correct that mistake in 2015, get a pair of court shoes and look every bit the smart lady that you are. (They also come in very amazing colors and shapes)

court shoes





This footwear is designed for a more casual than formal outing. Just like the court shoes, they are effortlessly comfortable. When you choose to dress down a little bit more, then the sneakers are the perfect go-to. Its one of the three types of shoes to get in 2015 because some people spent the whole of 2014 in heels even at casual events, so this year do something more comfortable, wear sneakers.






Images: Kurt Geiger/ Polyvore/ HnM


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