Fashion Tips: 5 Fashion/ Trend Risk Every Woman Should Take In 2015

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Most ladies love to be more reserved and stick to what they know when it comes to fashion and their personal style. But we say the year 2015 is the year for every lady who fall in this category. It’s the year to put aside all your fashion fears and take the risk. Its the year to press your reset button on your style and say a yes to all the things you thought you couldn’t do. Take the bold step and try out certain trends.

Check out five fashion risk every woman should embrace

Wearing RED



too much red

Red is a very bold and daring colour. This colour signifies energy and confidence. It takes a very confident person to turn heads in a red outfit. Just imagine trying out a monochrome look in this very fierce and daring color.


Head-to-toe Leather




An all-over leather look is one very bold look to try. Most people get scared because they don’t want to end up looking like catwoman but put your fears away and try out this look at least once, you just might love it.


Maxi Skirts

maxi bold


maxi skirt

One has to be bold enough to rock a maxi skirt. You can choose to dress it up or down, either ways you have to be careful especially when choosing the color and pattern, but this is a trend every woman should embrace.

Images: stylepantry/

Rocking Clashing Prints

clashing p

clash prints

Whenever you choose to take the risk, there are a lot of things you need to put into consideration. First and most importantly is the kind of prints involved and next is the color. Good luck trying out this trend.

Images: glamourmagazine

Floral Prints



2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Red Carpet

Yayy! This is one trend I love personally but my liver has failed me in putting it into reality. In trying out this trend, one has to be very careful so as not to end up looking like a garden of flower but please ladies feel free to take the risk.


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