Fake Muna Obiekwe Twitter Account Apologises

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The Twitter account which has been confusion over the death of Nollywood actor, Muna Obiekwe has apologised and promised to stop tweeting.

When the news of Muna Obiekwe’s death broke out, the Twitter account refuted the claims impersonating Muna Obiekwe by writing “WTF! How can someone joke with an issue of death, pls o everyone I’m alive and well by His grace..Don’t know where they got it From…“. He further wrote, “I’m not a social media type that comes here everyday, I just logged in now just in time to see some fake news about my enemy being dead..

It turns out that the real Muna Obiekwe was actually dead and was never on Twitter to begin with. A colleague of Muna, Nonso Diobi informed his followers that the @MunaObiekwe twitter account was a fake and asked whoever controlling it to shut it down. The imposter eventually agreed after raining curses on Nonso Diobi.



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