Eric Garner’s Family Records Emotional Tribute Song, ‘This Ends Today’ [LISTEN]

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The family of Eric Garner, who was killed in a police chokehold, have released an emotional song in his honor.

The song is titled This Ends Today, and was recorded by his daughter, Erica Garner and brother Steven Flagg.

The song opens with a muffled voice recording of Garner’s final words (“I can’t breathe”) before Erica sings the chorus: “Who is the man with the strength to choose? / When the rest refuse / And I say, ‘This ends today.’”

Flagg then cuts in with a growly rap verse: “It’s sad how my brother Eric Garner was killed / The pain in my heart still refuses to heal / Today some police be plottin’ to kill.”

Listen to the song below.



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