Drone Crashes In Borno State

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A Borno State publication KSM News, published on Facebook that an unmanned drone suspected to be used in the counter-insurgency operation in the Northeast has crashed at Dumge village of Mafa Local Government Area of Borno State yesterday afternoon. Dumge is 30km northeast of Maiduguri.

At Mafa, KSM News could not dig deep to ascertain the source or make of the drone but one Muktar Usman says of the drone on the social media as follows: “It could be French. And what happened after that? The drone is still armed. I can see missiles attached to the wings. Locals have to be careful!”
The Nigerian military is yet to issue statement regarding the drone.

Maiduguri drone Drone in Borno Drone Drone in Mafa
Photo credit: Hassan Mustapha



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