CNN Explains That Nigeria And Black Africa Are Not Priorities

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In a feature on Boko Haram’s massacre in Baga which about 2000 people are estimated to have been killed, Military analyst Maj. Gen. James Marks explains that Nigeria is not a priority and that is why there is not outcry.

This is in comparison to the terrorist situation in Paris where only 17 people were killed and yet 40 world leaders took to the streets of Paris together with millions to march in solidarity yet not a word mentioned about Boko Haram and Nigeria.

James Marks explains that the United States has the capability to root out Boko Haram and when asked why that hasn’t been done, he says “Because it is not a priority. We are commited elsewhere in the world…black West Africa is not a priority…” He explains that if Boko Haram was in white Africa (North Africa) or the Middle East, then the U.S would have acted. Watch the video below




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