Chilling Revelation On How Buhari Killed 40 Soldiers For Plotting Coup – NYT

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A London based newspaper has disclosed in its Sunday (Nov. 17) publication that more than 40 soldiers were executed in Lagos after a plot to assassinate Nigeria’s military leaders was uncovered.

The paper, The Observer, said 42 officers and enlisted men were involved, including two lieutenant colonels and four majors.

The plan had been to gun down the Nigerian leader, Gen. Mohammed Buhari, and his ministers while they were watching the independence day parade in Lagos on Oct. 1. New York Times report.

But the plot was revealed, and the plotters were rounded up and shot in an underground firing range at Ikeja, outside Lagos, it said.

General Buhari then toppled the civilian Government of President Shehu Shagari in a coup on Dec. 31, 1983.

Further report also revealed how Buhari’s stringent regime changed Nigerian Press from being the freest in Africa to most restricted on the world.



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