Checkout The Most Erotic Word Ever! It Turns Both Men & Women ON [Must Read]

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According to Psychologist Mark Allen Thornton research from over 300,000 erotic stories and 65,000 authors, the ‘Cock’ is by far the most commonly word used by writers.

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Mirror publication also has it that it is either writers aren’t very imaginative when it comes to penis-based vocab, or they just really, really like the word ‘cock’.

The Psychologist also revealed that 2/3rds of the stories he analysed were written by men.

It also shows that a lot of erotica is about penises rather than vaginas. Other popular words were:
• Pussy
• Asshole
• Master
• Mom
• Mouth
• Tongue
• Blood

Thornton also noticed that while older women are more likely to be into BDSM [Erotic Couplings and Group Sex], younger women were more likely to be interested in Celebrity fantasies and group sex stories.

There’s also a sexuality breakdown. Straight women are more interested in writing Non Human erotica, whereas lesbian and bisexual women are more likely to be interested in Lesbian Sex.

Straight men are predominantly into BDSM, Loving Wives and Romance, whereas bisexual men dominate the Fetish, Gay Male, Interracial and Anal categories.

Older men are more romance-focused than older women. They like writing about Romance and Loving Wives. So it seems, as people get older, women end up being kinkier than men.

Meanwhile, younger men write in the categories Celebrities and Gay Male showing, perhaps, that young male erotic authors are more likely to be gay than straight.

Single middle-age men write way more about Anal, BDSM and Incest/Taboo than men in relationships, who tend to go for Loving Wives and Romance. Perhaps their interests calm down as they get into relationships.



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