Checkout The American Drama Dubbed ‘Possibly The Worst Show In The History Of TV’

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American television programme which is about a fictional British Royal Family has been dubbed as “possibly the worst show in the history of TV” and it has also received a drubbing from critics across the world. Independent report.

the reoyal 360nobs.jpg 75The drama [The Royals] which featured Elizabeth Hurley and Joan Collins is due to be launched in March by the US-based pop-culture channel E!.

Other features include Hurley as young, seductive Queen Helena and Vincent Regan as her husband, King Simon.

Collins, who appears as Queen Helena’s mother, holder of the fictional title “Grand Duchess of Oxford”, has been mocked online as “a fake Maggie Smith” – a reference to Downton Abbey’s the Dowager Countess of Grantham.

The comedy drama, described by US critics as “a twisted, soapy take on England’s first family”, is the first scripted television series from the cable channel better known for reality TV hit Keeping Up with the Kardashians.



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