Channels TV Cancels Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Programme Over Controversial Comments

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Pastor Tunde Bakare has been hosting the programme “moment of truth” every Sunday on Channels Television from 5pm to 6pm for years and now the Tv station has cancelled the show.
This comes after the pastor who openly campaigns for APC began saying things about the government. His show was put off about 45 minutes into the programme on Sunday.
An official of the TV Station spoke on why the programme was cancelled saying;
“We had to hurriedly take the programme off air after he(Pastor Bakare) began spitting venom against the government and saying things we cannot defend.”
On his part, the pastor is furious as to why Channels will cancel a programme that was paid for. He addressed the issue saying;
“The broadcast is not free, it is paid for and those in charge will write them tomorrow to demand explanations. There was nothing I said in that broadcast that is subversive other than warning the nation that the forthcoming election is laced with disaster and that if we must plunge into it, we should be ready for the consequences”
The controversial message was titled “The Gathering Storm And Avoidable Shipwreck – How to Avoid Catastrophic Euroclydon.” He not only roasted the present government, but suggested the elections should be shifted by 6 months
Sylvia Eneghalu

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