Celebrity Designer Who Clothed Idris Elba, Emile Heskey Has Been Charged For Fraud & Possession Of Class A Drugs

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Leslie Danso is his name and he is the owner of Qumi Couture. He has clothed several celebrities for racing at Ascot and high end galas. His outfits have also been featured in GQ magazine. He has been previously arrested and charged for credit card fraud, were he served a 14-month jail sentence.

Leslie Danso who is a Ghanian has allegedly been deported once in the past and in 2013, police found two flats in Rotherhithe rented under the fake names George Branson and Adam Smith which belonged to Leslie Danso. According to dailymail.co.uk, at one, they found crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis, cash and ammunition, and at the second a man was caught red-handed cutting up heroin. Investigators learned that Danso had rented both flats and also used the names Kevin Walters and Kevin Reece.

Eventually, police linked him to at least eight safe-houses in central London and affluent suburbs such as Sidcup and Bexleyheath.

He claimed he did not know the rented flats were used to store drugs, and was not charged with any offences linked to the raids.

Mr Danso is  been accused of credit card fraud, theft and possession of class A drugs, he also faces  possible deportation.
Credit: Dailymail
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