‘Britain Ghettos Are Being Regulated By Muslims’ [Sharia Law] – Nigel Farage

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The leader of Ukip, Nigel Farage has claimed that “ghettos” in parts of the UK are being run according to Sharia law as authorities “turn a blind eye” because of their “moral cowardice”. Independent report.

Elaborating explicitly, he argued that “big ghettos” had sprung up in Britain and Europe where child sex abuse, female genital mutilation, extremism and Sharia law were allowed to flourish.

“We’ve been turning a blind eye to preachers of hate that have been coming here from the Middle East and saying things for which the rest of us would be arrested,” he added.

“In parts of northern England we’ve seen the sexual grooming of under-age girls committed by Muslim men, in the majority, and for all of these things we are seeing the law not being applied equally, we’re seeing the police forces not doing their job because we’ve suffered from moral cowardice.

“We have through mass immigration and through not checking the details of those people who have come to our countries, we have allowed big ghettos to develop and when it comes to confronting tough issues we’re run a mile and that is why we’re in the mess we’re in, we’ve been led very badly.”

Mr Farage further claimed that tens of thousands of young women had been subjected to female genital mutilation in Britain, although official estimates put the figure in the hundreds at most because families usually travel abroad for the procedure.

“Wherever you look you see this blind eye being turned and you see the growth of ghettos where the police and all the normal agents of the law have withdrawn and that is where Sharia law has come in and you know it got so bad in Britain that our last archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of our church, actually said we should accept Sharia law,” he added.



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