Bird Flu Hits Nigeria in Lagos and Kano

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The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on Thursday announced that there had been unusual high mortality in two poultry farms and live bird markets in Kano and Lagos states.

The bird’s blood samples forwarded to the National Veterinary Research Institute tested positive for bird flu i.e H5 Strain of Avian Influenza virus. Other confirmatory samples were sent to the International Reference Laboratory in Padova, Italy for further characterisation.

The last major case of bird flu in Nigeria was in 2006. Humans can catch bird flu directly through close contact with live infected birds and those who work with infected chickens are most at risk. The virus is excreted, and people may inhale these germs as dust when the droppings dry out. The virus, fortunately cannot be passed from human to human.

The ministry, in a statement, noted that it had taken some measures in the affected sites to contain the reported outbreaks.



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