BANG! BANG!! The PRISON BREAK Star, Michael Scofield Is Back!

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Wentworth Miller, the amazing and drop dead handsome character who melted hearts as the tattooed Michael Scofield in Prison Break
is back. and even hotter, as he showed his sex appeal in a salt and pepper haircut.

Programme Name: Prison Break.

The 42-year old actor was spotted on the set of The Flash in Vancouver, with his hair still in it’s buzz cut style but with grey speckled all over it as he filmed scenes for his role as Captain Cold in The CW superhero series. Wentworth will soon be reunited with his former onscreen brother Dominic Purcell after he recommended the actor for the villainous role of Heat Wave on the show.

‘I just heard the character described; edgy, unpredictable, force of nature,’ Miller told IGN of his recommendation of Purcell.

‘Is there an actor you can think of that would be right for this part? That was the question that Geoff Johns asked me and I immediately said “Dominic Purcell.” I was 90% serious, 10% joking because I didn’t really think they could make that happen. Lo and behold, here we are.’

Wentworth Miller
Wentworth Miller looks the silver fox on The Flash set in New Westminster, Canada


Wentworth joined The Flash cast in it’s fourth episode as the head of the Rogues, Captain Cold (real name Leonard Snart), who in the DC comics was the bitter enemy to the Silver-Age Flash Barry Allen.

Unlike the Flash, Captain Cold did not have any mutant powers but rather developed a weapon that could master absolute zero and freeze the moisture in the air.

In the TV series, however, the cryonic gun was created by a S.T.A.R. labs scientist Cisco and later stolen by Captain Cold and his Rogues to use against the Flash (Grant Gustin). Wentworth has proven himself as more than just an actor though, after penning the 2013 gothic film Stoker starring Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasiakowska and Matthew Goode.

He wrote the script under the name of Ted Foulkes which was voted to the 2010 Black List of the 10 best-unproduced screenplays.

Miller is reportedly in negotiations to write the screenplay adaptation of the novel The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski which is set to be produced by Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks. On Monday, he joined cast members Grant, Danielle Panabaker and Peyton List on the New Westminster set.

Source- DailyMail


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