Are 80% Of Britons Ready To Quit The European Union?

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Eight out of 10 people who took part in the vote want to come out of Europe. That i think is extraordinary!

A recent startling front page of the Daily Express display boldly: “80% Britons Want To Quit The EU.”

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In what it describes as “the biggest vote on this country’s ties to Brussels for 40 years” the Express, whose owner Richard Desmond recently donated £300,000 to Ukip – claims it is “overwhelming” evidence.

The fact that 14,581 people took part makes it sound like a statistically credible poll. However, apart from the fact that it was carried out in such a small area of the country, the team had also handed out 100,000 leaflets.

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That means that only 14.5 per cent of people responded, 11,706 of whom opted to leave.

We could also suggest that only those who feel strongest about the EU are likely to respond to a poll like this, unlike a referendum that holds much stronger sway on the future of the country.

If one wanted to be equally biased, you could effectively say that only 11.7 per cent of people want to leave the EU [i.e. 11,706 people who voted yes out of 100,000 asked].



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