7 IMPORTANT ‘Truths’ D’Banj Revealed In Interview With Olisa

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A recent controversy has been going on concerning the interview where D’banj spoke about the Mo’Hits Records breakup. While he said in the teaser that Dr Sid was the number one prime mover in the said breakup, the full video was released and in it D’Banj said quite a number of things this time, saying Don Jazzy was the one who wanted the group no more.

D’Banj said quite a number of shocking things and here are 7 things you need to know.

  • He lost his brother in a plane crash around 1992/1993 (He was unsure cos he was really young then) and got the Harmonica from him (His brother’s belongings) after his death.
  • He attended Lagos State University (LASU) where he was studying Mechanical Engineering and was in 300Level before he got affected by the then incessant strikes by the ASUU (Academic Staff Union Of Universities) and left for the UK.
  • He worked as a security guard in the overseas, where he met and bonded with Don Jazzy, who later had a fallout with his own group (JJC & 419 Squad) and was convinced by D’Banj to move back into Nigeria. 
  • At some point in time, He and Don Jazzy was going to sell the Mo’Hits Record to Olisa Adibua and his partner as they co-owned a record label then.
  • The deal with Kanye West wasn’t actually an artist deal, it was more like a record label partnership deal.
  • D’banj brought Dr Sid to the Mo’Hits group, even after Don Jazzy questioned his (D’banj’s) reason.
  • Although Dr Sid was the Instigator of the breakup, Don Jazzy indicated his interest in the breakup of the group, saying he doesn’t want in anymore ( He doesn’t want D’banj as a partner). Dr Sid accused D’Banj of being too great and as such his stardom affected his (Sid’s) own career. According to Dr Sid, D’banj did more negative than positive to his career.

Things got so bad between Don Jazzy and D’banj to the extent that Don Jazzy said he was going to change the radio frequency whenever he hears D’banj’s voice on it, How awful?? This is just the analysis on Part 1 of the video, we await the concluding parts!

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