Natural Remedies: 6 Foods That Can Help Whiten Your Teeth

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Who does not wish for a beautiful smile that gives access to sparkling, healthy white teeth? Get in here and see natural solutions that can help you achieve that bright smile.

Milk / Yogurt

These dairy products are super foods for the teeth. They are high in calcium and this also helps to strengthen teeth, makes the teeth  healthier and whiter. For all those who seek a brighter teeth, you can start and end your day with a glass of cold milk or yogurt.


This fruit is bright red in color, but contains a large component of malic acid which acts as a natural styptic to remove surface tooth discoloration. Fresh, juicy strawberries do taste great and are widely available,  so start getting your daily dose to give your teeth a new shine.


Onions seems to be very helpful in clearing eyesight. Who would have thought that they also help give the teeth a new look. Although they may fail for the notoriously bad-for-breath they give, but they are very essential and beneficial to the teeth. Because they’re colorless, they do not cause any stain to the teeth and another way they help you get a whiter teeth is because you are likely to brush after eating onions. Constant brushing of the teeth in turn helps to keep it whiter.


Cheese (especially the hard ones) is full of calcium, which strengthens teeth and gums. Most of them are near colorless, and so they do not stain your teeth. This in turn helps you avoid any stain on your teeth.


This fruit contains citrus, an acid that can wear away tooth enamel if ingested in large doses, making teeth whiter. In the attempt to get a brighter teeth, it is advised that from time to time, you can opt for this fruit as it does not only help whiten the teeth, it is also a good source of vitamin C which is very helpful for the entire body.

Baking soda

Take a toothpaste break and try brushing with this common ingredient. Baking soda is a base, like bleach, and the soda (which is actually a form of salt)  is a mild abrasive that works to scrub off plaque and surface stains which eventually gives your teeth a spark.

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