You And Your Belt: What To Look Out For When Buying A Belt (2)

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We talked about the important features that a stylish man should look out for when buying a belt previously. We shall continue in that fashion and look at some more important factors to put in mind in order to obtain that uniquely smart appearance.


Belt Buckles

The buckle of a belt are as important as the material from which the belt is made. Buckles come in different shapes and sizes but men should however note that big belt buckles are not for formal occasions. Belts for formal occasions usually have small, flat buckles and are mostly narrow. Belts with large round shaped buckles are commonly used with casual outfits. The common ideal colours are gold or silver plated.



Matching accessories

Men are usually not fashion savvy when it comes to jewellery. There are however some male jewellery including cufflinks and tie tacs. It is important to ensure that the colours of this jewellery match that of the belt. For example a gold-colored cufflinks should go with a gold plated belt buckle, same with silver and so on. However, a wedding band is an exception to the rule as the ring is an independent fashion accessory which depends on each individual’s personal taste.


Your casual belts can have almost any kind of buckle you like. Consistency of theme is more important than the shape or size in casual settings. If you like large metal buckles with Western motifs, wear them with a Western-styled outfit rather than a tight urban look. There’s only so much mixing and matching you can get away with.


Styles of Buckle


Buckles come in different styles and so do they have different pants they ate meant to hold up. Most belts are of the styles describes below:

Buckles with a tongue: this type of buckles are common with casual wears. The belt goes through a metal loop, and a metallic tongue slips through the hole punched in the belt to pin it down.

Buckles with a hook: Buckles with hook have a flat plastic or metal plate that is attached by by hooking the metal plate on the back of the buckle through the front of the belt.

Buckles with sliding latch: This style has a metal latch in which a belt slides through. A vertical peg is used to hold the belt in place.

Braided belts: This type of belts have a woven leather braid instead of the normal flat leather piece with punched holes and a tongue buckle. The tongue can hook between any of the leather strands.


Buying a Belt

Buying belts that look alike may have different costs as the quality of the leather is a common reason for varying prices. For example, calfskin are soft leather that is commonly used for belts. To ensure the belt has not become cracked or brittle, it is pertinent for the buyer to stretch the belt. The leather can also be tested by gently pinching the back of the leather. If a faint line is seen at the point of the pinch, the leather is new and soft but if the line fails to appear, the leather is old and hard.


Construction of the belt

This is quite important as it affects the price of the belt. It is ideal to look for belts with tight stitching in between where the leather is sewn. is the other major factor affecting the price of a belt. Buckles that have a snap attached can be changed out while those permanently stitched in place makes for good use too. Although some men tend to enjoy the flexibility of being able to change the leather from a snapped buckle.


Brand names

Brand names are also important but is not of much important as the other factors. Most times, the belt is too small for people to determine the designer label at a glance from a distance. Thus, it is important to spend money on quality.


Generally, it is important to go for a slim belt which may allow part of the label to show for other people to see your style but it is still important to note that if people still don’t notice, you never really set out to impress them or did you?




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