Woman Shares Photos Of Her ‘Adventurous Night’ At Eko Hotel With Wizkid

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An anonymous woman has told her story of how she had an adventurous night with Wizkid.

The anonymous woman told her story via website Bella Naija, where she wrote:

I’ve been seeing wizkid for a long time. He always invites me to Lagos. We had an adventurous night at eko hotel. Very intimate, we had drinks, cuddled, got down and dirty, and he spoiled me with holiday treats and gifts.  I choose to stay anonymous so I am using a friends email addy to send dis in. You can see his starboy tattoo, his Rolex, his Porsche, and laptop. Please write dis on d post. ‘In my bed’ my baby Ayodeji. Me and Wizkid have been together for many months. I always have a lovely time wiv him in Lagos. @TaniaOmotayo, if he does this while u are in Lagos, imagine what we do when he comes to my city. He will nvr stop wanting my body in his bed. Lol. She should not disturb my life when I’m wiv my boo. Proof so she will not continue to deceive herself. We love ourselves. He picked me up in his Porsche, we stayed at eko, watched movies on his laptop. He loves to taste me so Tania, how do I taste on his lips?’

See the photos she attached below.

Wizkid-December-2014-BellaNaija0041-600x450 Wizkid-December-2014-BellaNaija0031-600x450 Wizkid-December-2014-BellaNaija0021-600x450 Wizkid-December-2014-BellaNaija0011-600x514



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  1. Miss u are a very sensless humanbeing infact a disgrace 2 womanhood.if he so much lov ur body like u said why as he not sing about u.don’t destroy his relatonship u hear

  2. really who would fall for this, 4 images in all, that are not in any way linked.
    First they all have different resolutions, a picture of a Rolex that can be from anyone who can afford a Rolex, the mac could be any mac pc and finally a picture from the back sit of a Porsche and a pic of whiz back anyone could get that
    Other than the Porsche and picture of his back am sure a few hundred people could remake this.

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