Want To Know Why The Pattern Of Tie You Use Is Important? Read This

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Ever wondered why certain people are given a higher level of importance just because of their appearance? , don’t look too far as we take a run down of a simple yet important part of a man’s dressing – ties. We have previously done an expository on the different ways of knotting ties and how they impact on your personality, just as we also talked about the various tie colours and their style essence.


This time around, we shall be looking at the relevance of tie patterns to the user and their style importance. Ties have been known to come in various patterns including plain, stripes, polka dots and paisley to mention a few. We shall be talking about the main patterns and the style essence.

The Plain Ties


Plain ties have been known to be in fashion from time immemorial. The absence of a pattern makes it easy for the tie to come in unique colours which helps to enhance ones dressing for particular events. More so, plain Ties have the unique ability to give an insight into the personality of the wearer. The absence of any pattern presents the wearer as bold and versatile. Every man should have at least one plain Tie in their wardrobe.

The Paisley pattern


The Paisley pattern came into use in the 1960’s. It is majorly a fabric pattern that has remained in vogue in spite of the long years if has been in use. The Tie provides an individualistic appearance, portraying the wearer as free-spirited.

Polka Dots pattern


The polka dots come in different shapes and sizes and brings a bit of class to the appearance of the wearer. It makes people consider the wearer as cheerful, jovial and friendly.

The stripe pattern


This pattern gets its origin from Great Britain. Schools in the old English system employed the use of Ties as a means of identifying students belonging to respective schools. As of today however, users of stripe ties are seen as conservative and safe to be with.

The Plaid pattern


The plaid pattern has a Scottish origin. It employs a multicoloured and multi lined style in its design. The colours and lines appear in various sizes and which gives an impression of the diversity and unpredictability of the wearer.

The Graphic pattern


Ties with graphic patterns and images is usually employed by sport teams and usually reflect the interests and views of the wearer.

So, we believe we have been able to provide apt details of Tie patterns you commonly use. Before you knot the next Tie, ask yourself if it truly represents your personality.




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