Town In Argentina Bans Beauty Pageants For Being Sexist

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The Argentine town of Chivilcoy has banned all beauty pageants, saying they were racist and supported violence against women.

It said they encouraged an obsession with physical beauty and illnesses like bulimia and anorexia.

The town’s council said that from now on Chivilcoy’s festivities and anniversaries would be celebrated by recognising the achievements of young people.


They said the contests will be replaced with carnival mask competitions and prizes for volunteering.



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  1. Inside Job
    “The new trend is fake and everyone’s in style”
    Why do you look like some fake Barbie doll?
    Freeze your face for some magazine lie
    How come your eyes Don’t twinkle are you afraid of some brand new wrinkle?
    What ever happened to a full faced smile, what happened to the beauty that comes from inside?
    Please stop photocopying those lies
    Beauty no longer emanates from an inner radiance
    What message do we give, is this the only way to live?
    That’s why this trend we can’t seem to end, will only go down
    What does it say when we all look like clowns
    Making women feel less than sublime
    Posing and trolling for a man thought divine
    What ever happened to our brilliant minds?
    All the real women please take a stand raise your voices raise a hand
    Half the world is in your command
    Don’t let yourself be objectified, Don’t let yourself be terrorized
    We are the hope that sustains humankind
    Half the world, our power we need to define
    Wake up you fake Barbie dolls
    Don’t you know it’s an inside job?

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