Are You On The Big Side? Here Are The Top 5 Fashion Rules For Plus Sized Women

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Plus sized ladies are ladies from size 14 and below and being plus size is not a death sentence.  A large number of these plus sized ladies (who prefer to be called full figured ladies) do not know how to pull a perfect look and that is either because they lack confidence in themselves or they are not just shopping right. You can be plus sized and decide to make the best out of it, since you cannot deal with the body, then your style sense is the best way out. One of the many things to note is to never take fashion inspiration from ladies on the skinny side. Here are a few other tips that would definitely set you off that mystery if you are plus sized.

  • Not too tight/ Not too big

do not over accesssorize

Choose outfits according to your exact dimension. As a plus sized woman, never try to fit into tight clothings as this will only exaggerate your weight and same rule applies to wearing oversize clothes too as such outfits will draw attention to your plus size body. The choice here is to be in-between and shop for outfits that are your exact size.

  • Wear Longer Tops

wear dark colors

Every plus size lady should opt for tops that are a bit longer especially when you have a plus size belly too. If you have so much stomach to hide, the never think of a short top as you do not want to put that extra fat on display. A longer top gives the slimmer look.

  • Wear more of black/dark colors

not too tight not too not too big

Black is known to conceal a lot of things so you can hide that plus size body under a black outfit to give the slimmer look. You can never go wrong with black or other dark shades. Since dark colors can conceal weights, it will help you look smaller.

  • Avoid Bright Colors

Just as lack helps to camouflage weight, bright colors helps to advance it hence the need to avoid any bright colored outfit so you don’t look bigger. Leave the bright colors to ladies on the other side.

  • Do not over accessorize

Try as much as possible to keep your accessories in scale. You are already plus sized and do not want anything to make you look bigger and heavier. Avoid wearing large jewelries, tangible pieces will do the magic for plus sized women.

Remember that being plus sized does not leave you with the choice of wearing boring clothes, you too can rock your body shape BUT just with the right type of outfits.


Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

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  1. I really don’t know where you get these “tips” from. Telling a “plus size” girl to hide herself is both insulting and ill informed. I suggest you do some more research and follow some plus sized fashion bloggers to get a better idea of what being a plus size fashionista is all about.

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