Three Resolutions That You Probably Won’t Keep

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The end of a year usually comes with a lot of pomp and glitz as people try and reflect on the good and bad of the passing year. A lot of people try to better themselves as they appreciate the good they had in the passing year and perhaps try to consolidate on the gains of the year while others try to correct the mistakes of the year. The end of the year is surely the right time to look back and reflect on the gains and losses made while at the same time looking forward to the new year. Thi seems like the right time to make up resolutions and hope to stick to them, however there are certain common resolutions people make but fail to keep to. Resolutions are broken nine out of ten times perhaps as a result of how they are made. Here are three common resolutions made and commonly broken by people.


I will Stop Smoking

This common resolution made especially by young smokers who have severally battled giving up the habit. Smoking ranks tops as one of the hardest habits to give up even though it’s very much possible to let go of the habit. Waiting for a perfect day to give up smoking is probably the worst thing to do as such will never come.

How to keep it

It is however important to have the right attitude And foresight for the habit to be given up. This might include having an alternative for when the craving to have a stick comes. Looking for professional help and mentoring from previous smokers who have quit the habit would be of advantage in keeping to this resolution. More so, Marijuana smokers should bear it in mind that it’s in no way healthier to smoke weed than it is to have a tobacco stick. Quitting this habit isn’t child’s play and requires commitment on the part of the user to achieve this.


I will Stop Twirling my hair, Biting My Nails, picking my nose, itching my bum….


These habits might sure seem unimportant but physical habits are the toughest to let go of as they seem ingrained into our very person. Learned opinions have said that the resolve and willpower to let go of these habits are not enough as they usually have gone on for long that they doers fail to recognise when they carry them out.

How to keep it

Experts have said an understanding of the reason for craving and understanding the underlying reasons that prompt the habit is necessary in keeping this resolution and letting go of the habit. Thus, discovering the craving to twirl your hair or pick your nose would help in reversing the habit. A high level of discipline is required if this resolution is to be kept to.


I want to Diet and exercise to lose weight

Losing weight has always been a tricky business even as some believe that diet does little in weight loss. However, eating healthy and controlling the daily ‘garbage’ intake is important in weight control and living a healthier and fuller life. It has been said that diets actually make people gain weight which makes it harder for people to stick to it. On the other hand, getting an exercise is not as easy as it seems as having to stuck to the regular work out routine can be hectic and gruelling.


How to keep it

As with getting the best out of exercising, dieting and every other thing in life, it is important to enjoy what you do if there’s any hope in achieving your aim. Having a partner that exercises with you and someone with intentions of going through the same diet regimen might be a good way of keeping this resolution. More so, ensuring that you stick to the plan irrespective of the pain and inconveniences will go a long way in keeping to these resolutions.





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