The Biggest Beef in Entertainment of 2014

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This year was full of interesting beef that caught and lost our interest. Here are the biggest entertainment beef of the year 2014. Let us see what 2015 holds, but meanwhile here is our list.

5. Snoop Dogg & Iggy Azalea


Snoop Dogg is the rapper with the funniest Instagram account where he puts up hilarious pictures and makes light jest. In October, Uncle Snoop put a picture of new hot rising female rapper, Iggy Azalea depicting her as Marlon Wayans in White Chicks and captioned it “When your drug addict aunt gets clean.” Iggy tweeted retaliations and the situation escalated. (Read more here)

There is no clear winner here but it is most likely Snoop as he is a veteran and going against him only earned Iggy more haters (which she had plenty to begin with).

4. Charles Novia & Chike Ike’s Manager

Chika Ike s manager fires back at Charles Novia after he calls her obtuse

Chike Ike took a trip to Dubai in October and we didn’t get to rest as one day it was a story of how she rented a yacht for $24,000 for a two-day ride and another day will be all how she went on a helicopter trip. Charles Novia took to his controversial blog and addressed her flaunting in an article titled ‘Of Flavour’s flaunt, Yachting holidays and Range Rovers’ where he referred to Chike Ike manager as ‘an obtuse PA’ who probably did not know the difference between a yacht and a boat. Chike’s manager came back for Mr. Novia and thereafter ensured a brief exchange.

The winner of this beef should be Charles as he landed some heavy factual blows while on the other hand, no one even remembers the name of Chika Ike’s manager.

3. Wizkid & Davido

Wizkid & Davido

Wizkid had a concert in Irving Plaza, New York and as he landed in the city and saw his name in lights, he took to Instagram to boast “Just landed in NYC! Let’s turn up!! We do proper shows nd proper venues! Lion! #Teamwizkid” Busybodies assumed that it was a direct shot at rival Davido whose show earlier on in the States was rated a complete flop. Davido responded with a sub and that is how the hottest beef in Nigeria of 2014 started. They eventually quashed the beef in December 2014.

This beef has no winners as the beef did not seem to make one gain one over the other or enhance each others’ public image. They would have definitely benefited more from working together than working against each other.

2. Linda Ikeji & The Internet

linda ikeji buys infiniti 360nobs.jpg,

Creator of the Linda Ikeji Blog, got into a hot mess with a large part of the Nigerian online community, inspiring one of the greatest debates on Twitter and this story is one that will take several blog posts to cover. However, to summarize,after a week of being heavily criticized for plagiarism and intellectual property theft, Linda fired back at her ‘enemies’ in an unapologetic manner with no remorse whatsoever. Long story short, Linda’s blog got reported to hosts Google and Google responded by pulling the site down. Just as everyone thought Linda was over, Google restored her site and she continued blazing.

Now this story has a happy ending. Content creators got (some of) their wish as Linda started crediting sources of her stories and images. Unfortunately, well-wishers who were hoping that Linda will set her company up properly complete with offices, structure, staff, legalities, etc are still hoping – but that shouldn’t bother them none. On the other hand, this saga seemed to have made Linda even more powerful as she got more readers and if we are to go by our Most Googled Persons list, the year turned out her great for her. She also got a bit humble which is more than good for her. We wish her a good run next year. The bigger winner here was clearly Linda.

1. Solange Knowles & Jay-Z


The year 2014 taught us that quiet, sweet Solange Knowles packs a punch. After the Met Gala earlier in April as they were exiting the building, Solange attacked Jay-Z in the elevator repeatedly while Beyonce watched on. Jay-Z’s bodyguard had to intervene and keep dear Solange at bay. This fight sparked rumours that the power couple (Jay-Z & Beyonce) was about to end, but the marriage has proved all wrong.

While this proved Jay-Z a perfect gentleman, Solange was the winner here as her album sales rocketed after the video of the fight was leaked by a worker of the hotel where it happened. And the dude who leaked the video, he was fired but the cash he got will definitely set him up for a long time – winning. The only losers were Beyonce and Jay-Z whose marriage went under microscopic scrutiny after the incident but it turned out to be a win when they sold out their On The Run tour because fans were scared that was the last the two will be together.

Did I miss on any popular beef? :s



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