Something For The Men This Christmas: Nail That Look As The Year Runs Out!

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When it comes to Men’s fashion, we tend to think of suits. But as it turns out, there’s so much to a guy’s wardrobe than blazers and trousers. Change, they say is as constant as it sounds. In our everyday lives, the choice of what to wear and how to wear it appropriately cannot be over emphasized as we either look below par or rather smashing at the place of work, parties, hangouts and what have you.

These days, men’s fashion has defied all odds as even scarfs and ‘man bag’ is the other of the day, compared to decades ago especially in this clime. How unpredictable, some thanks to the Runway!! Men and Fashion, it is sometimes said, go together like socks and shoes. Below are few trends rocking the Men’s Fashion World.

Patterned Shirts


Pattern is essential, of course, the world would be more than a boring place without it; but then again, to pull off a patterned shirt look, you really have got to get you’re A game on. Generally, the rule is not to clash. If you are wearing a check jacket, make sure your shirt is a block color and vice versa. When wearing a patterned shirt, please feel free to match with a plain knitted silk tie for that wow effect. Your date wouldn’t go wrong. Ever!


All White Everything

all white 1

A white suit isn’t the easiest to pull off, but this season, major designers seem to be encouraging men to flow with this trend. The key is playing with textures; cotton shirts looks fab with linen, while a T-shirt can balance out a silk jacket. Want to pull edgier looks? Try distressed jeans with oversized round necks and white kicks. No color blocking. It works wonders.

all white 2

Bright Socks

colourful socks

Colorful socks have solidified their place as a must have in a stylish man’s wardrobe. Bright colors and patterns have become key trends. Best showcased when worn with ankle cropped pants and statement footwear.



If there was any major trend especially what you wear on your feet, I will give it to the BROGUES! Gone are the days when brogues are not considered appropriate for occasions, socials or businesses. Over time, perceptions have changed and brogues are very coveted on a man’s shoe rack. Of course, every man needs a pair of leather brogues. Brown ones can be dressed up or down, while black ones go for fancy nights out. They also come in other colors depending on one’s taste and affinity for ‘non-conforming’.

Man bags
man bag

These particular items are more than practical. They can make quite the statement and they bring attention to the carrier especially a well-polished brown leather bag. Sure, bags are an accessible, quick, and easy way to have all your things in one place. As a man in business or in pleasure, one way or the other you might be in need of a bag to put in either gadgets, or files or what have you, hence this must-have accessory comes in handy. From brown leather messenger bags, to black croc skins, this fashion item is a trend that has come to stay and for a long, long time.

With the aforementioned trends in view, festivity draws near and am sure certain outings will be necessary to get your mind in shape. Hop on to any if not all so as to make a lasting effect, even on the opposite sex. Spoiler Alert: I hear ladies go head over heels for men who put themselves together especially with their appearance. What are you waiting for? Go get it.

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