Reuben Abati’s Twitter Account Reveals Shocking Past SECRET DOCUMENT About Buhari [Must Read]

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Reuben Abati, the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President published an abstract from secret documents on his Twitter account (@abati1990), exposing the information from Wikileaks about Buhari’s 1983-84 governing years. Naij Report.

The information is provided by the Public Library of United States Diplomacy through Wikileaks.

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The exposed classified letter is dated September 20, 2002. It reads in part:

Like President Obasanjo before the 1999 election, General Buhari’s political experience is limited to that of military Head of State. Buhari came to power as a result of a 1983 New Year’s Eve coup against the democratically elected Shehu Shagari. The eviction of Shagari came as a welcome relief as did Buhari’s promise to root out corruption. That relief, however, was short-lived as Nigerians watched despairingly as the Buhari regime’s promises to revive the economy and wipe out rampant corruption withered during 20 months of heavy-handed, largely ineffective rule.

In May 1984, Buhari ordered the brutal expulsion of 700,000 illegal immigrants from neighboring African states, jailed hundreds of political opponents and muzzled a once aggressive press. His loyalty to the military also came into question as he dismissed 30,000 soldiers as a cost-cutting measure. Buhari also soured Nigeria’s relations with Britain, when he was accused of masterminding a clumsy and unsuccessful attempt in July 1984 to kidnap President Shagari’s brother-in-law, former Transport Minister Umaru Dikko. Moreover, Buhari undermined traditional rulers throughout Nigeria, slashing their benefits and questioning their authority.



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  1. I am afraid something is wrong with the Abati and publisher of this article. Nigerians know better and will no longer be fooled by these hate messages. Ruben’s principal is a failure and Nigerians are no mad to continue doing the same thing while expecting better results. Ruben should be told to go and gather his things and get ready to move out of Aso Rock with his master.

    1. Nawa for media,The story of d kidnapped was completely cut off from d main body of d story ,Dis guy umaru dikko(rip) was a minister during shagari and one of d most corrupted and biggest thief among his fellow ministers at dat tym,Buhari arrested most of his colleagues and dis guy flew out of d country ,Buhari only saw a chance of catching him from England and d mission failed dats all,But d media r trying to make it sound as if he tried to arrest him just because he is shagari’s inlaw…Britain my foot, we were independent since 1960 I’m sure they benefit more from us than we do from them so let them do the complain abeg……..

  2. Konya now your rabble rousing and furtherly expousing yourself to sour grape… Have you forgotten quickly that this is politics… Nigeria typical politics for crying out loud.. If I was buhari campaign managers I’ll be looking for ways to indict jonathan rather than overwhelm myself in an organic orgy of demagogoe.

  3. 700,000(illegal) immigrants, we r glad u used d word ILLEGAL, it’s bcos buhari is running for office dats y dis issue of expulsion is brought about ask d ghanians about shagari they’ll tell u more about wat happened to dem during shagari’s rule in fact dats d origin of ‘ghana must go’ bros…. shagari’s administration was so abused by his cabinet to d point dat they couldn’t feed d nation dey had to start sending back immigrants back to their counties….

  4. Brother Stephen I’m not against any race all I’m saying is proper documentation is needed for any international migration, u and i know dat dats d procedure in any developed country, if u and i won’t be accepted into any country without proper papers why should our country give room for such nonsense… we should just fold our arms while other countries are being developed including their immigration strategy and we should stay behind and accept being hopless…… All I’m saying is dat if other developed countries follow such measures den y can’t we………

  5. Abati is a big fool and GEJ is the biggest fool.God will judge them soon.Am asking them this question: 1,where are the chibok girls? 2,where is the missing 20billion dollars e.t.c FOOLLLLLLLS

  6. It is useless trying to smear Buhari’s image. The truth is that Nigerians must be careful in the collective desire to enthrone better leadership not to unleash on themselves a hell of government in the name of change. GEJ is certainly not the messaiah but Buhari is certainly not an improvement. His personality smacks of a hateful, violent-minded, sectional religious bigot that cannot be rebrand. He will do better as regional leader, may be Katsina state governor. I’m not a fan of GEJ though but I believe he means well for Nigeria. His government is suffering from the threat handed down by some serial losers to make the nation ungovernable for him. Imagine what Jonathan presidency would have looked like without the blighting influence of Boko haram. The politicians have not offered Nigerians a better alternative to GEJ. So GEJ it is, until we are ready for genuine change. So allow the senile serial loser take up the role of offering elderly advice to our leaders. That’s statesmanship. The leopard can never change the color of its skin. Be ware.

  7. Na wao for Reuben Abbati, is dat d only bad thing u can get abt Buhari? Thank God of all d past and present presidents of Nigeria, Buhari is d only1 wt less fault. Tek d history of d presidents of nigeria and tell me who is as clean as GMB? all of them hve done 1 or 2 bad things during their regime bt dats d only bad thing u can say abt Buhari bcos he has been transparent in all d post he held in d country. Shame on u and d American media, GMB has been a ngtmare 4 u and ur oga bt u’ve not seen anytin yet until 2015.


  9. abati is doing his job. simple. if i were him i would do better to save my job. very soon he ll ccompare jonathan wit Jesus Christ.

  10. Mr Abati thank you for this revelations which response will show already that hypocrites who want to Islamize this country are jittery.I am sure that those slaves who follow their slave masters with blindness will be attacking you as if yo authored it, and that will tell you the level of political slavery.
    Please don’t hesitate to always enlighten Nigerians to bring to open deceits and propaganda of power by all means politicians.

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