Seyi Shay Grabs Wizkid’s Penis In New Video [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

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In their new video, titled ‘Crazy’, Seyi Shay & Wizkid took craziness to a whole new level.

The Mej Alabi-directed video features a number of indeed crazy characters, from boneless-appearing characters to dancing baby dolls.

The juicy part of the video however was where Seyi took things up a notch, running her hands allover Wizkid’s chest and abs before moving downwards and cupping his external genitalia!

That is indeed, crazy!

See screenshots and the music video, below.

Fullscreen capture 12172014 44907 PM

Fullscreen capture 12172014 44952 PM

Fullscreen capture 12172014 45119 PM



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  1. Unless there is a different version the whole thing happened so fast that 99.9% of people watching it wouldn’t have noticed it. I couldn’t even see it and I was looking out for it. In the end is it really worth drawing attention to it.

    PS: I prefer the song he did with Saeon which he kinda of later crapped on (metaphorically) .

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