Sensational! These Celebrities Have Proven Naked Pregnancy Photos Can Be Plush

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I understand that we all have different reservations as to stars posing nude when they are pregnant, which of course is not surprising considering everyone has opinions about celebrities, nudity and pregnancy, so the combination of all three is like a perfect merger of controversy.

Due to background and cultural ideology, some people find posing naked while pregnant alluring and appealing, while others find it displeasing. To think of that, to be honest, one wouldn’t deny that some celebrities have gotten it right. From Beyonce and Kelly to Britney and Christina, these famous females basked in their pregnant glow in elegant, iconic photos.

American Model Cindy Crawford and Hollywood actress Demi Moore started it all in their W and Vanity Fair magazines shoot respectively, and of course, kourtney Kardashian latest nude pregnancy photo spread brought to mind the super stars who were before her and also proudly showed off their baby bumps to create sizzling, delectable pictorials that celebrate a woman’s body in all of its beautiful forms.

Take a look at the celebrities who have proven that naked pregnancy photos can be exquisite, tasteful, ravishing and resplendent.

1. Kelly Rowland


Oh dear. Black is friggin beautiful. For Elle Magazine in October 2014, Kelly not only looked angelic in this shoot, she radiated every bit of her tasteful form and in a pregnant state. Just one month before she gave birth to her son Titan Jewell, She told Elle that she couldn’t understand why women get condemnation for posing nude while pregnant, which is why she wanted to celebrate the “Godmazing” change of her body. She’s positively glowing in this picture, which is radiant and graceful.

2. Alicia Keys

alicia keys

It really was a brand new kind of her. She posted this picture on her Instagram page around September this year. She drew the peace sign on her pregnancy for a good cause. Alicia turned this moment into not only a celebration of motherhood, but to draw attention to her “We Are Here” song and movement, which focuses on peace, social justice, and funding causes that promote a better world for children.

3. Britney Spears


In the shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine in 2006, Britney looked very tasteful and redefining, telling the magazine that the photos made her start to feel like herself again.

4. Mariah Carey


Posing for the cover page of Life & Style Magazine in 2011, Mariah Carey admitted she didn’t have an easy pregnancy, as she flaunted her expectant figure. At 43 she admitted she was “very vulnerable” about taking the photos, but she ultimately did it because she wanted to share this intimate moment with her Lambs.

5. Jessica Simpson


The American Blonde Ambition actress and singer looked easy on the eyes in her shoot for Elle Magazine in 2012.  She proudly admitted that even at her heaviest she felt the most confident. “I just love my body more than ever now”,  she said.

6. Christina Aguilera


This nude picture of her can make you fall in love with a pregnant lady. The vocal powerhouse is a fan of posing nude while pregnant as this isn’t her first.  She told V Magazine in August that she was feeling fearless and confident, and this picture is proof that you can embrace your body through “all stages of life.”

7. Kourtney Kardashian


She obviously had fun during her shoot with DuJour Magazine, this month. Pregnant with her third child, Kourtney revealed that she feels most confident when she’s pregnant, and that “nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.” While she initially just did them for herself, she revealed she wanted to show off this “amazing feeling.”

8. Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter


Trust me, I had to tell you all of her names cos i am obviously a fan, nope a fanatic! It’s been over two years since Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy, but during her “On The Run” HBO special, Beyonce let us in on an intimate and powerful moment showing the true bond that was forming between her, Jay Z and unborn Blue. One could tell that there really was a Baby Blue IV in that protrusion.

9. Kim Kardashian


She didn’t break the internet with this picture. Of course she didn’t! but she looked gorgeous and irresistible as ever in the bikini-clad picture. The over hang made her look more plump (but of course you are bound to add more weight when pregnant), Kim never lost her appeal in any way.

10. Shakira


However rather than posing on a magazine cover, the Colombian born singer decided to share the candid photo on her Twitter page. Shakira, 35, of course followed in the footsteps of other celebrities. She looks so amazing! as she positively glowed in the snap.

So there you go, you might want to have your own perfect nude pregnant shoot. Which of these would you vote for, if you were asked to?

Credits: PopSugar, XXLMag.

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