Sahara Reporters Responds to Army’s Allegations

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The Nigerian Army on December 27th accused SaharaReporters of being the propaganda media for terrorism & Boko Haram in Nigeria. It made these statements over a Sahara Reporters report titled Nigerian Army Presents Unverified “Lt Col” To Refute Petition Against Military Hierarchy – an article about . Regarding this, the Nigerian Army said “SaharaReporters has strived hard to present itself as a propaganda medium for terrorism and Boko Haram in particular.” (Read more)

In response, SaharaReporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore explained that the Nigerian Army is only up to one of its dirty tricks. He said:

“The Nigerian Army has been reduced to a petty organization. The other day they deployed their men chasing after newspaper delivery vans across Nigeria because some were critical of their handling of the anti-terrorism fight. Since they can’t find or arrest our copies, they’ve resorted to cheap blackmail. The content of the petition clearly speaks to how Boko Haram could be defeated, and states why they haven’t been defeated”.

Sahara Reporters also addressed the Military’s statement on Twitter



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