Rules Of Men’s Dressing (1)

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We all have our set set of rules to achieve a splendid day to day look. But some rules of dressing have however held universally true irrespective of social class, colour or appearance. No matter the style of dressing you decide to put on, several factors are to be put in consideration if you don’t want to appear stupid, under dressed or overdressed for any particular occasion. It is also important to put the kind of event to which you intend to appear into mind as this will form a basis for which your appearance is judged.

More so, Some elements of male dressing remain true irrespective of the occasion. However, it is important to note that style is individual and relative. Some might disagree with the assertions we give here, just as we might not agree with what they believe is the perfect style thus, holding it true that there is no perfect and comprehensive set of rules for male dressing. The rules described here are derived from common sense, classical and traditional rules of dressing. For us, the following are a set of rules which we believe every young gentleman should follow to have the ideal look.


Matching of metals


Certain rules can never be rebuffed and that is true for the matching of metals. Metals have been a part of male dressing from time immemorial. Some of the rules of metal matching includes matching the metal on your loafers with that of the buckle of your belt or that of your cufflinks with the metals on your suspenders. More so, it is preferable to match the metal of your watch with other metals you’re wearing but it is however not compulsory to do so.




Fir a long time, it has been thought that a man’s socks should match his pants. This is true but with modifications in fashion style, exceptions have risen to the rule. To appear conservative, it is necessary to match the colour of your socks with that of your pants, however, you can also match the colour of your socks with that of anything worn above the waist. That is, either of shirt, tie, suspenders or pocket squares.




Belts have since become an important part of male dressing and ensuring you wear the appropriate belt or suspenders as the case may be for the right occasion is as important as the type of shoe or shirt you wear. The first most important rule is to make sure to wear a belt with pants with belt loops. Pants without belt loops will usually come with side taps and buttons to hold suspenders. Remember also not to use your belt to hold various accessories such as phones, keys and ID tags.



Leather Suspenders

Suspenders have moved from core popular British culture to the rest of the world and has gained ground as a cool fashion accessory among the young at heart. However, suspenders do not look cool without a jacket on except you want to look like a hipster. Also, suspenders are best used with buttons instead of the clips some of them come with.




Ties are cool fashion items that adds a bit of seriousness to the wearer. It is best ideal for business and executive settings and may still be worn for social and corporate events. However, it is best ideal to wear a jacket with a tie but that may not be cool for people in hot climes as ours. Ties have been known to be worn with matching pocket squares, but this doesn’t appear cool for the new generation as wearing contrast patterns and designs will add a bit more style to your appearance.








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