President Jonathan Lied, Babangida Didn’t Actually Support Him – Source

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According to latest publication making the rounds, Nigeria’s former military ruler, Ibrahim Babangida, did not make commitment on the 2015 presidential poll to President Goodluck Jonathan at the recent meeting in Minna.

However, contrary to the widespread insinuations, the former President only touched upon the national issues and problems. The Nation report,

It would be recalled that following the closed-door December 27 meeting it was reported that Babangida urged Nigerians to support Jonathan in the next-year’s elections.

We further learnt that Jonathan allegedly started reaching out to key emirs and leaders of the North is search for support, which is part of the President’s plan to reduce the influence of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the region.

Gen. Babangida’s key aides based in Abuja disclosed the details of the Saturday’s meeting in Minna, after he was blasted for backing Jonathan.

The source, who pleaded for anonymity, debunked the reports making rounds:

“It is true that the President visited Gen. Babangida at his Minna Hilltop mansion but the nature of his message was based purely on unity of the country and not about 2015 presidential election.

“As a former president who fought for the unity of the country, he was of the view that the president needs support as President and not as presidential candidate per se.

“It is his view that the country needs to be united as one before we can begin to talk about election. Only a united Nigeria can guarantee credible election.”

The source stressed the importance of not misinterpreting Babangida’s words:

“What Gen. IBB said should be viewed within the context of the larger Nigeria interest and not that of any parochial interest that is likely to unsettle the system.

“Those of them who fought in the civil war to keep the country one understand the dynamics and challenges facing us now in the face of grave insecurity and poor economic realities.”



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