NYSC: 2015 Batch A Complete Timetable [Orientation Course Starts 5th May]

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All Prospective Batch A Corp members for 2015 are to check out their NYSC Mobilization Timetable here.

1. 2015 Batch A pre-mobilization workshop. 17th – 19th December,2014

2. Briefing/Sensitization of final year students and prospective corps members. 19th – 23rd January, 2015

3. Display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking 1st – 15th February, 2015

4. Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Result and Revalidation Lists by CPIs 16th – 21st February, 2015

5. On-line Registration by Foreign and Locally trained Nigerian Graduates 2nd March – 4th April, 2015

6. Notification to prospective Corps Members on their mobilization status 13th – 14th April, 2015

7. Delivery of print-outs to CPIS. 15th – 17th April, 2015

8. Verification of Complaints from prospective Corps Members in all NYSC state secretariats/FCT 17th – 18th April, 2015

9. Submission of Marital/Ill-health cases by CPIs. 20th – 22nd April, 2015

10. Notification for on-line printing of call-up letters 27th April, 2015

11. Delivery of call-up letters to CPIs 27th – 29th April, 2015

12. On-line printing of call-up letters by Prospective Corps Members/Collection of call-up letters in the schools 27th April – 4th May, 2015

13. 2015 Batch A Orientation Course 5th – 26th May, 2015



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  1. dis is outrageous is dis is true, dey shud jst scrap dis NYSC scheme. since inception NYSC has 3 batches y nw since olawumi tk over, n nw he want to scrap Batch C? bad leaders dat we all av in Nigeria…

  2. This is wickedness why May? May is just too far.is some one going to spend a whole year at home all in the name of nysc. Pls this should be revisted.

  3. the NYSC should revisit the issue of staying at home. the may is too much. what can a person of age more than 30 years do on the course of staying at home for nysc extension date of mobilization. I need the reply to be release on my email, thanks

  4. The idea of NYSC batch “A” been 5th Of May 2015, is out of range we all espected Feb’ 2015. The body should give it a second thought.

    1. please if it will be reviewed, lets consider we the international students… my graduation is February ending, even if its going to be reviewed make it ending march or april,,, pleaseeeeeeee

  5. Please nysc do review this matter. Let us go by february.we are tired of staying at home.we all know in nigeria now to get a job, age act as a barrier so please let us do our nysc on time so we can pursue other acheivement in life. General Olawunmi may God bless you as you listen to our plead.happy new year


  7. Please the date should be reviewed. I graduated 2013 and up till date am yet to go for service. We plead the date should be review.

  8. please even if this date will be review, please make it march ending. please consider we the international students. my graduation is February ending, before authenticating my result and before coming down to nigeria,,, so please also consider the international student please

  9. like i earlier said, we are on the review of it. Basically the February 2015 General Elections is one of the major reason why they was a shift of date. i vehemently assure you all that we will look into it, certainly this week. thanks

  10. we will be having a close door meeting this week and certainly on Thursday, i trust before the week end a new decision would have been resolved from the NEC..

  11. NYSC,on Behalf Of Prospective Corp Members,pls Have A Review On D Date.We Dont Want 2spend Precious Tym Sitting At Home.An Idle Man Is D Devil’s Workshop.God Bless


  13. I don't think one shud stop another. If it can be reschedule to 1st week in March, it will be better. That May is just too FAR. says:

    I don’t think one shud stop another. If it can be reschedule to 1st week in March, it will be better. That May is just too FAR.

  14. Why would you say batch A’ would be mobilised by may? probably because of elections, that isn’t enough reason 2 delay the carrier and dream of a Nigerian student, for crying out loud most of this student have been delayed enough already by ASSU, NASU, both internal and general strikes, while some, due to negligence and incompetence of duty of the staff assigned to mobilise the students on nysc website during the November batch C and previous batches after already satisfying the requirement of their schools to be mobilized for the next available batch were also missed, with the hope of the student placed on next batch for March even when those he graduated with were lucky to be mobilised during November batch C, definitely a Nigerian graduate basically spend 5 to 6 years in school, plus Nysc total to 7-8 years, besides when mobilise batch A by “May” when would batch B” be mobilised, when would another batch C” be mobilized, if we say there isn’t time because of election which ends by February, there is no way you are not going to mobilize within the space of two month later in the year, which I see as something dat can be regulated as from March. So I imploy you sir/ ma to review the scheduled for prospective batch A” 2015 Corp member and safe nigerian graduate to make nation move forward. GOD bless Nigeria..

  15. General always stand on his/ her words they don’t take it back, general olawunmi follow the legacy of previous mobilizations and don’t dicore the legacy and distrupt the Nigerian prospective Corp members. Because there are other factors that you people NYSC are not looking into, e.g what would happen to those that re going to be 30 years old by may? What would happen to those that age requirement would affect them in search for job? The election is for the benefit of those who are going to be elected, we re dream chasers, let us chase our dream..

  16. Good afternoon admin. I am a graduate of Institut Universitaire
    Panafricain at Republic of Benin. I was told at nysc abuja last
    October that I can’t serve with out mathematics n english in less than
    two sittings. I wrote last year neco internal exam n I made my credit
    including mathematics and English language but the original result is
    not yet released. Pls my question is, will I be allowed to serve if I
    go with print out n scratch card for my o level verification since the
    original is not yet released. Pls kindly put me
    tru. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

  17. I have 5 credits in my prevevious result including English. but d one with credit in mathematics has not been released yet. only the printout is available . Thanks

  18. the decision made by the management of NYSC was unfavourable to us. we have been staying at home for a long the so called may is extremely far for we that graduates since 014.I request the authority to re schedule the time for our better future.

  19. they are trying to protect ur lives from post election violence. have u forgotten so soon wot transpired in 2011 after elections, coppers were killed. exercise patience, Nysc cannot your life. you will be what God says u will be says:

    they are trying to protect ur lives from post election violence. have u forgotten so soon wot transpired in 2011 after elections, coppers were killed. exercise patience, Nysc cannot your life. you will be what God says u will be

  20. please let’s endue it because God knows the best for his children’s. who knows tomorrow? so lets pray to God. to God for a best job on or after our service. I love my country & I love u all. best job are awaiting for us in Jesus name. Amen

  21. Since the decision is reached, what about Batch A that were expected to pass out this February and who are those to confide on for the forth coming election so shifted?

  22. I graduated at the age of 28 years and that was 2013, but in this 2015 by July I will be 30 years old, and the school said am to go with 2015 batch B. Please will I still be allowed to serve. please I need answer

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