Nicki Minaj Reveals She Almost Had A Child At 15

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Nicki Minaj might have been the mother of a 16-year old, if things hadn’t changed years back.

In a new song titled All Things Go, the rapper revealed she almost had a kid 16 years back with a certain man named Aaron, and that she feels the child looks over her younger brother, Micaiah Maraj.

“I want Caiah to go to college, just to say we did it,” she rhymes. “My child with Aaron would have been 16 any minute / so in some ways I feel like Caiah is the both of them / It’s like he’s Caiah’s little angel, looking over him.”

The song details Minaj’s struggles to balance her family obligations in the face of fame, but she expresses optimism about having children in the future.

“Life is a movie / but there’ll never be a sequel / and I’m good with that / as long as I’m peaceful / as long as seven years from now / I’m taking my daughter to preschool,” she raps.



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