New Reports Expose How Beyonce Abuses Jay-Z

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According to reports, it’s not only Solange that puts hands on Jay Z, his wife, Beyonce does it too.

“In a shocking claim, Beyonce is alleged to be the physically abusive partner in the relationship” reported by sources, who provided emphatic evidence that she’s spiraling closer to an epic nervous breakdown, as friends fear.

An insider said “The relationship is as volatile as ever, It looks like sometimes she can’t control her anger or her liquor when she drinks”.
In fact, a provocative series of seemingly coded cries for help recently posted on the singer’s social media accounts have prompted some in the know to coyly label them “Beyonce’s breadcrumbs.”

In October, the “Drunk in Love” star published a photo showing Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton locked in a firey embrace. That A-list couple made headlines with their notoriously volatile relationship.



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