Muslim Female Model Semi-Nude Poses For Fashion Brand Sparking Pandemonium

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American Apparel has made a name for itself with its overtly sexual ads and in the past has seen its knuckles rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority, so this should barely raise an eyebrow.

But there is something a little different about this one, a sense American Apparel is attempting to expand its social conscience.

It features 22-year-old Maks, a merchandiser for the retailer (which has long marketed itself as a home-grown business with fair labour practices), who was born in Dhaka and moved to California at the age of 4.

o-AMERICAN-APPAREL- 360nobs.jpg 3Printed across her breasts are the words “Made in Bangladesh”.

Blurb across the bottom points out she is wearing the High Waist Jean, “a garment manufactured by 23 skilled American workers in Downtown Los Angeles, all of whom are paid a fair wage and have access to basic benefits such as healthcare.”

It adds Maks was born into a conservative Muslim family and sustained her Islamic faith throughout her childhood.
“Upon entering high school, Maks began to feel the need to forge her own identity and ultimately distanced herself from Islamic traditions.”

“A woman continuously in search of new creative outlets, Maks unreservedly embraced this photo shoot.”

Maks, it adds: “Doesn’t feel the need to identify herself as an American or a Bengali and is not content to fit her life into anyone else’s conventional narrative.”

HuffPost UK has sought comment from American Apparel, but a spokesman informs us there will be none. He did however point to this previous interview CEO Dov Charney did with Huffington Post last year.

Speaking after the deadly collapsed of a clothing factory in Bangladesh.

Charney said: “I think man has evolved and we’re moving away from slavery.

“This situation of manufacturing clothing and paying wages that won’t even buy you an iPhone after a year is not going to work.
“Start making clothing in a human way.”



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