King Joffrey, Alexander Mahone, Others Make 360nobs’ Best Television Villains

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Everybody enjoys and empathises with the heroes and protagonists on television but we all fail to realise and value the magic the villains bring to our television screens or do we?. Villains bring enticing, interesting and evil approach to acting that makes viewers crave for the protagonists. It is important to note that there won’t be a place for the protagonists were it not for the villains. Herein, we shall be talking about the villains that brought unlimited action, dram and suspense to our television screens.

King Joffrey (Game of Thrones)

Everyone remembers the sort of sadistic person king Joffrey was. His mother Cersei Lannister once commented that perhaps his sadism and wickedness was as a result of him being a product of incest. The villain in king Joffrey was well asserted when he murdered a prostitute and also forced a barrel of wine down a soldier’s throat. All these and more made King Joffrey one of the best villains to grace out tv screens.

Ramsey Snow (Game of Thrones)

Actor Iwan Rheon brought total weirdness and creepiness to the Ramsey snow’s villainous character in Game of Thrones. The bustard son of Roose Bolton, Ramsey Snow inflicts unimaginable pain on Theon Greyjoy as he completely turns Theon into a submissive Dog. Ramsey is unpredictable which all the more makes his villainous character an interesting watch as it adds a dark side to the game of Thrones series.

Theodore “T-bag” Bagwell (Prison Break)

Theodore “T-bag” Bagwell in prison break is probably one of the most hated villains in modern day television. Robert knepper portrays the character of T-bag on the American television series. He is born of incest and rape as his father had raped his mentally handicapped sister. He was also molested by his father and was altiloquent. T-bag leads a white supremacist group in prison – the Arya gang which makes a lot of his fellow inmates detest him. T-bag with his canny abilities to secure his escape with the others. His character is one that the audience sometimes sympathises with in that he sometimes shows an humane side. He has been described as one of the best villains ever on television.

Alexander Mahone (Prison Break)

William Fichtner portrayed the character of special agent Alex Mahone from season 2 of the American television series – prison break. He was a FBI officer specialised in hunting down break out fugitives. The Alex Mahone character was always close in thinking and alertness to the lead character, Michael schofield. For majority of the second season, he tried unsuccessfully to foil the plot of the protagonists. However, as the season progressed, he was arrested and incarcerated with the protagonists and his sympathy shifted to their cause making him change lanes.

Slade ” Deathstroke ” Wilson (Arrow)

Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson is a character from Marvel’s Arrow. The character is portrayed by Manu Bennett who has had previous success in villainous roles on television portraying in “Spartacus”. Deathstroke was a protagonist in season 1 of Arrow but changes sides after he believed that Oliver Queen was responsible for the death of “Shado”, a fellow lady mercenary he was romantically drawn to. Oliver’s attempt to kill him in Season 1 further fuelled his desire for revenge. The “Deathstroke” character really became villainous in season 2 murdering Moira Queen – Oliver’s mum and attempting to create an army of Mirakuru soldiers (indestructible by conventional means) with which he hoped to destroy Starling city. The forth rightness and blood thirsty nature of his character makes him a delight to hate and watch.

Is there any character you feel should be on this list?, drop a comment and perhaps they will be on the follow up edition of televisions best villainous characters.




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