Kill The Fear Factor… What Will You Do If You Were Not Afraid?

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Fear can limit your abilities and can place you in some very demanding situations but the courage to live pass fear is totally desiring. There are certain things people want to do but cannot find themselves doing it because of the fear of the unknown.  If you choose to live a day without fear, which of these things would you do;


  • Jump Off The Bridge

The only reason why you have never attempted to jump off the bridge is because you are scared of what probably is not.  When someone dies from jumping off the bridge, it might not be the height that killed such a person but the fear.  Sometimes, fear keeps you from doing what you should do. This doesn’t mean you should try jumping off the bridge ooo…

  • Ask Your Crush On a Date

This is going to take a lot of bravery to do. Most people never want to try because they are scared of getting NO for an answer. The other side that they fail to realize is that their crush might just be waiting to take that opportunity but because of fear, both parties miss the chance of ever being together.  If you chose a day to set yourself free, will you damn the consequences and ask your crush on a date?

  • Have a Threesome

Life is filled with so much beautiful experiences but what about doing something out of the norm? There are certain things that crosses your mind each day but you don’t want to give it a second thought because society might judge you based on it but what about doing something for you? Will you have a threesome if you weren’t afraid?

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. If you choose to face everything and replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity, which one of these will you do?


Juliet Gbemudu

Juliet Gbemudu

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