Justin Bieber : Blonde Hair, New Home!

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Justin Bieber is in the news again, this time not for getting ejected out of property, but for  his new blonde hair, and a new lavish apartment. Caught on cam after leaving the saloon, he officially revealed the bleached hair on his Fahlo account with caption, #BlondeBieber


The ‘Boyfriend’ star, who was famed for his floppy locks, is now rocking an edgier look with long, spiky, bleached blonde hair. And of course, he now has a new home, having packed up his things, cleared his belongings from a rented nearby just six months after he moved in.

It was reported that he is renting the new stunning landmark house for almost $60,000 a month, a modern Mega Mansion. The effusive property is 6,537 square feet and boasts a seven car garage, six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, according to gossip website TMZ.


Getting this platinum hair must have been on the mind of the ‘Beauty and a beat’ star as he posted a throwback picture on his instagram page few weeks ago, where he had his blonde hair on. He said in the post ‘i thought i looked like eminem’.. lol.

New look, New Apartment, for a new year! Lots of changes for the 20 year-old millionaire. Yes really!!!

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