Jose Mourinho On Newcastle Loss: “We Lost The Way I Like To Lose”

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Newcastle ended Chelsea‘s unbeaten start to the Premier league season, but manager Jose Mourinho is adamant that he side was the better team on the night.

“My team lost the way I like to lose which is to give everything and being unlucky” Mourinho said, adding that: “Only one team played to win.

“After the second goal the team lost their emotional balance. A point was the minimum we deserved.”

“There could have been 20 minutes stoppage time but the situation would have been the same because things were happening outside the four lines that the referee couldn’t control.

Mourinho said that Newcastle employed all manner of tactics just to win the match.

“The referee can’t punish the ball boy who disappeared with the ball, the referee couldn’t punish the people in the crowd who kept the ball.

However,Mourinho claims that he was never concerned about going the season unbeaten.

” I’m not obsessed with records and statistics, that’s not for me, I want to win the league.”



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