Its Soundcity’s VJ Pearl For Season 6 Of Abbyke Domina’s Celebrity Shoot

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It is time for another edition of The Celebrity Shoot, and this month’s shoot features soundcity VJ, Pearl Hart.

The super talented VJ  spills on her most embarrassing fashion moments, what fashion means to her and she also models stunning but playful outfits from Abbyke Domina’s line.



1. Who is Pearl Hart
My name is Pearl Hart, I’m a TV presenter at Soundcity TV. I love the good life and it’s evident in my smile.

2. What does fashion, style and lifestyle mean to you?
Fashion to me is a way of life. I mean I dress for my mood so it’s basically about the various turns in my life.

3. Do you go with trends or are you on a different fashion lane?
I’m more into my own style. Yes there are trends but I don’t subscribe to all. The ones I like I definitely wear so you can say I go with whatever suits me.

4. What is your most embarrassing fashion moment?
I’ll start with an advice; if your slit loosens make sure you tack it immediately. Try to pin it in place and simply go straight home.

This happened to me years back; it was a nice white skirt with a short slit behind. I didn’t realize when it started loosening. The more I walked the more the stitches came off. Before I knew it, I had my butt cheeks out in the open in church. It’s a very sad story.

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