Is Rapper Young Thug Admitting He Is Gay On Twitter?

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Jeffrey Williams, better known by his stage name Young Thug, is an American hip hop recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for the single “Stoner”, as well as his collaborations with fellow Southern rappers, such as Birdman,Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Rich Homie Quan, Waka Flocka Flame, T.I and a host of others. Of late, the ex-con has been linked to so many sexuality-related controversies and few days ago, the rapper responded to all of these rumors that he just likes men but he isn’t gay. The 23 year old said in an interview that all he did in prison – “I didn’t do shit there but gamble, smoke and f**k.”. He then shared a pic of himself and his record label boss (YMCMB), Birdman and referred to him as ‘My Love’.  During his interview, his nonchalantly stated he was not gay and it’s just a “Language.”

Moreover, whenever he posts pics of his male friends, he refers to them as “bae’, ‘hubby’, or ‘lover’, then he goes on to say he really isn’t gay. Lol, i really don’t know how that works tho. While on twitter, he tweeted a couple and then deleted them later, but he wasn’t faster than some folks who screen grabbed it before he got them off his Timeline. See the tweets and some his Instagram posts below. He’s even been seen wearing female dresses and wearing nail polish, and the world has been questioning his sexuality.  Lol, whatever rocks his boats anyways.

















Young Thug wearing a dress
Young Thug wearing a dress
Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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    1. Young thugg is a dick n the ass type nigga, thats what these new age rappers do u feel me, like BG said they dont know no betta.

  1. Young thug is not gay he told y’all and for the ones who say he is bet u can’t stack them racked to the calling so stop talking cause u can’t be him


    1. Your fucking gay. He said he likes men but is not gay.. what the fuck? That’s gay as fuck if you like men.

  2. Well I think it’s really non of our business whether his gay or not. Who are we to judge it’s his life not ours. Personally I just love his music. If his gay gud for u. But if he says his not cool then his not. Sam smith is gay who cares? Most of us still love his music. But when it’s Young thug it’s a big problem like really guys. The big question is. are we hating on him because his black?? #whatever

    1. You’re so ignorant I can’t even begin to explain. Wtf does being black have to do with this?!?! No one ever brought up race in this article or comments section. Read a book.

      1. Dude shes not ignorant and shes not wrong, its become more socially acceptable for white men to come out as men than blacks and the only time it is accepted by society is when they are an overly femme type of guy which young thug is not. Plus being in the black hip hop industry comes with a certain image uk “fuck bitches get money” type of image, which doesnt go with being gay.

    2. I think they are upset because he won’t admit he’s actually gay or a bisexual. But I do agree he’s a decent rapper and I do like most of his songs.

  3. I still like your music but come on like Lil Wayne and your not gay gay ass nigga YMCMB was good with out you.

  4. So what if he’s gay..That’s his business his fans still gone support him I know I am That’s what’s wrong with people now ah days worried about the wrong things…TRUTHFULLY YOUNG THUG ION CARE WHAT U ARE I LOVE YOU AN YOUR MUSIC
    #IESHA P

  5. U can b whatever u wanna b but I personally dislike liars. Just b u and embrace it.. But u will never c a young thug poster in my sons room!!!!! Lol

  6. Young thug kno he gay and he aim got nuthin on lil Wayne’s carter 5 either there ain’t no fuckin barter 6? Fuck yung thug

  7. Yo why does it concern you he ain’t paying your bills nor trying to fuck you “if” he’s gay I mean damn Let the nigga Live and do what he want. I mean at the day if he gay or not none of you can change that with your words. Stop posting on This and go make that paper regardless how #whatwouldyoudoifyoulivedhislifestyle #stophating or #stOpriding

  8. Bofl the only reason im asking I like gucci mane music he was on one of his tracks he burst out of no where talking about dicks and balls thats why im asking lol

  9. Ok everyone I’m getting ready to give my opinion on this subject and before I get negative feed back its my opinion and I can say what I want
    Wth is wrong with some of yall ignorant people! Get a life! I have seen enough comments saying : gay ass fag, u suck, ur shit and all this bull! Stfu! Yall are so ignorant ! 1st of all how in the heck is it any of yall business to get into his life! To comment on his sexuality ! Like I said get a life ! Focus on you! Second who in their right mind thinks okay to judge someone and say such horrible things! Do you not have feeling too? And the funniest thing to me is that yall think he cares what u gotta say! Like he cares about all of you negative haters ! As u saw from above he’s focused on getting money ! Not you ! So stop focusing on him! Focus on yourself! Get your own money! Do your own thing ! Stop wasting your breath! Please do something. Productive ! And maybe he doesn’t want to say he’s gay? I actually think he’s bi because I knew he was dating some girl. I saw quite a bit of pitctures . Doesn’t matter it’s his life. I can’t express that enough for some of you to get it . As for everyone who loves and supports him thank you! That’s the least I can say! I’m a fan and I love him. All of you who truly support him that’s great! I honestly think being gay is never a bad thing . Please think about. Your words before they come out of your mouth. They may affect someone . They even affected me. Again this is my opinion and anyone who has an issue can confront me thank you ?

  10. A lot of these thugs commenting on thuggas sexuality… But still be riding to his music. Music is what it! I give the thug his respect because he deserves it. Not too many niggaz have even met the greatness of real paper chasers like Wayne, birdman or the many rappers thugga “knows”. Oh yeah, my number 1 track is ( say a prayer) Gucci mane and young thug. Call him gay but how many gay mfs getting money like that tho.

  11. What’s going on in the world i love me men that keep real don’t have both if u want to be with a man find your business i hate man that go home to a women after being with a man those r the mens that don’t respects women money make ppl crazy. The devil get pay we need to tell are kids the all money anit good he get them young turn them out he makes them feel like they his kids he got a bag he always be down for them but this what we gotta do to make this money gram her work hard at what you want in life that’s cool send me young boys feel like they have family cuz a lot of them don’t but when you try to go in today sexuality that’s not right he’s young he’s confused he don’t know what he want he doing it for money he never had none in life power playing mansions and beautiful diamonds all these women flock to them he let him see a lifestyle but he also is the one that he’s gay that boy is confused Birdman is straight gay

  12. Really who cares he doing whatever it takes for that fame n money I’d do the same thing I’d do whatever it takes to be rich n famous so thug “bae” keep sliming on these pussy niggas.

  13. That picture of young thug .in the dress clearly isn’t him because if u see any other pictures of him he has tattoos all over his body and it’s none of anyone’s buiseness if he’s gay or not because u probably sitting in a broken down house call in him gay while he in his mansion counting dat money

  14. He could be bisexual if he says he isn’t gay but still likes men.It’s not like he’d be the first fella to stem the rose.

  15. Young thug ….I love your music ….so do all these haters ….who you fuck ain’t nobody’s business ….its called haters …fuck them do what you do anyway you want to do it baby you are shinning and they a bunch of broke ass intimidated little bitches……y’all need to be trying to get ya hustle on and try to get anywhere close to his level before you spend ur lame ass days bitching cuz he’s getting whatever the fuck he wants rather it be dick pussy or money or all three at once…..#hatersgottagolilbitches

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