Internet Acronyms Everyone Needs To Know

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You may have one time or the other had people type “lol” – laughing our loud or “smh”- shaking my head wondering what the person meant and is usually challenging for new Internet users.The coming of the Internet has brought so much ease and speed to communication which has hitherto been slow and at times difficult. With the addition of Social media to Internet tools, communication has been taken a notch higher as messages are instantly delivered through Emails, and various instant messaging applications including BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp.

The craze to have messages delivered and receive instant replies has popularised acronyms as people no longer have the patience to type words and statements in full but have resorted to acronyms to reduce time spent and perhaps code messages that can only be discerned by the recipient.

More so, various users of social media have also accepted various acronyms which they employ as a means of easing communication. For instance, twitter users commonly use acronyms as they have only 140 characters to convey their thoughts. New persons to social media tools may have problems adjusting to the various acronyms used therein. As a result of this, I have decided to compile a list of common acronyms used on the Internet.


“BAE”–       Before anyone else

“LMK” —     let me know


“LMKWYD”– let me know when you’re done


“BRB”–       be right back


“TTYL”–     Talk to you later


“IDC”–         I don’t care


“IDK”–         I don’t know


“JK”–           Just kidding


“IMO”–         In my opinion


“TLDR”–     Too long, didn’t read


“BFF”–         Best friends forever


“FYI” —         For your Information


“TMI”–         Too much Information


“XOXO”–       Hugs and Kisses


“KOTL” —       Kiss on the lips


“WYCM” —     will you call me?


“53X”–          Sex


“WYSIWYG”– What you see is what you get


“TISNF”–       That is so not fair


“SOS”–         Someone over shoulder


“G2G”–         Got to go


“ETA”–       Estimated time of arrival


There are a couple more that I may not have included. If there’s anyone you know, kindly hit us up and we would add it up.



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