#ICYMI: Top 5 Gifts To Get Your Man This Christmas

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It’s that time of the year again when shoppers face the headache of deciding what kind of gift to give out to their family, friends and acquaintances. It is always difficult to decide what gift to give any particular individual at any given time, especially the male folk who have been known to be selective and chauvinistic most times when it comes to accessories.

More so, with the varying taste of different men, it is important to put into consideration what type of man your intended gift is for. Christmas gifts meant for a spouse, father or Brother might carry a more personal touch than those meant for a Boss and so does that meant for a friend. With only a few days left to go till Christmas and before you panic, this article provides smart solutions to this recurrent problem.

Shaving kit

It’s usually ideal to scan for the needs of the person the gift is intended for, but when not possible, a shaving kit ranks top in the list of Christmas gifts suitable for men. It is a wonderful choice for Christmas gift as it is a necessity for men. The shaving kit could include home accessories for use at home or in a barbers shop. This as a gift has a manly appeal and doesn’t cross the line. Most men would be comfortable receiving this as a gift as it is part of a requirement for a weekly ritual.


Neck and Bow ties

This is a gift that has stood the test of time and never fails to disappoint. Seemingly a borrowed culture do Africans, it is the perfect gift for an executive. It will make a good gift for a Boss and men of middle age. Coming in different colours and styles ranging from stripes to patterned, neck and bow ties are ideal gift for the elderly. A Red coloured tie seems very ideal as a Christmas gift given the fact that it is indocative of power, strength, passion and sacrifice which the season holds through.



Wristwatches have been the ideal gift since time immemorial even as they can be given as gifts to all men irrespective of age and status. People say that there are little things that speaks of a man’s style and character than his watch and this holds true whether the wristwatch is to tell time or be used as part of a fashion accessory. Either going for a chronometer that tells time with precision or a chronograph with stopwatch ability, it is guaranteed that you have gotten a worthwhile Christmas gift that are fun and unique and would be well appreciated by men of all ages.



Clothes have always been an unmistakable choice as a gift for men especially when the right size and colour are chosen. While getting clothes for men, special consideration should be put into the colour that best suits the recipient of the gift including the right size as they tend to vary. Knowing the right colour for the appropriate age is quite important in ensuring that the gift is put to good use by the recipient. As a man can never have too much shirts, pants, briefs or socks, the females are not at a loss as they have a wide variety of clothing items to choose from. With the frenzy of the Christmas season, clothes can be gotten as a last resort.



Shoes never seem to go out of fashion as gifts, or do they?. Shoes are perfect gifts for all occasions as they give both the giver and recipient a personal a connection. You have a wide array of modern styles to choose from ranging from high tops to the young at heart, laced up shoes for the executives, sneakers and loafers for all occasions. Shoes have always being a great gift as they add confidence and style to a man’s dressing.








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