Hey Ladies! Freshen Up Your Style With The Latest Trends

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What I style without trend? Following trends can be pretty expensive and that’s perhaps the reason why not so many people want to follow trends. There is no law against building a regular wardrobe filled with timeless fashion pieces but do yourselves the favor of spicing it up just a little bit with a couple of latest fashion trends to give you that up-to-date look.

You do not want to step out looking too vintage like you are from the 90’s hence the need to spice things up with outfits from latest trends. But take note that when shopping for these outfits, shop according to what suits your style and your body. Never follow trends that do not work for your style.

Some of the latest fashion trends you can follow are the

  • Distressed jeans: distressed-jeansThe jeans trend dates as far back as the 17th century but what seems to be different is the distressed flavor that has been added to it. The distressed jeans have become increasingly fashionable with a couple of celebrities in the likes of Rihanna, Kim Kardashian etc. rocking it to several functions. Distressed jeans have since been worn as a form of casual dress around the world.
  • Crop tops: crop tops-sideCrop tops are old fashion trends that have come back as one of the latest fashion trends and it has been everywhere this season from runway to streets. This trend works with almost all body shapes depending on the styling. This trend has made its way to the hearts of all fashion lovers and there is no doubt that it is here to stay.
  • Monochrome pieces: monochrome2Black and white appears to be basic colors that you can easily step out in as they are timeless fashion pieces. But what many fail to realize is the all classy look these colors give when combined together. Refresh your wardrobe today with some monochrome goodness.
  • Full bloom florals: kerry washington in full bloom floral dressFull bloom floral dresses spell out summer in all its senses but it doesn’t have to be summertime before you can wear floral patterned dresses. Kerry Washington recently rocked a sweet strapless Dolce& Gabbana floral dress to the 2014 BET awards and she looked effortlessly chic in it.
  • Kimonos: kimono-sideKimono is Japanese traditional clothing that came into being as far back as the 17th century but these days, the Japanese hardly wear kimonos as the trend has been hijacked by people from across the world.
  • Denim shirts: distresed denim-sidethe jeans trend started long ago but back then it was used to make just trousers. In recent times, jeans have been made into shorts, jumpsuits and even trend. This is a creative act that has now become a fashion trend and one of the coolest at that. You can wear your denim shirts as they are being called on denim trouser too or just on ordinary pants.
  • Shift dresses: 2_georgette-shift-dress-sideShift dresses are the most comfortable of all fashion trends. A shift dress happens to be one outfit you can just throw in but it doesn’t fail to deliver as it gives you an effortlessly chic look depending on how you chose to accessorize.

The guys too are not left out as the colored socks, patterned shirts, boots are some of the latest fashion trends for them. Read about it here.


Guess you can now go shopping with a list of latest fashion trends that should be in your wardrobe. Go freshen up your style a little bit.


Juliet Gbemudu

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