Here Is Why The Colour Of Your Tie Is important

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Just as the type and style of your shirt, suit or shoe can give an insight into your personality, so does the colour and pattern of your tie does. A lot of men do not pay attention to this matter as they see it as inconsequential but be you a business executive, worker or student, it is important to be conversant with the colour or pattern of ties you knot. The use of a tie has been known to offer a professional or businesslike look which makes the wearer appear with a higher standard than when without it.

Ties have been known to come in various colours ranging from the mild to the loud. They also come in various patterns which can aid in knowing the type of person the individual donning it is. We shall be looking at the common colours and patterns and you just might learn how some fits your personality.



As with almost every other thing in life, ties have also been analysed based on their colours and the effects they have on the user. Colours have been known to have various symbolism in different cultures. The common tie colours and their description of the users personality is given below



Red has always been a loud colour and it symbolises power and authority. The wearer of a Red tie is usually perceived as asserting his power and authority through determination. It is mostly worn by business men with significant power to influence decision making or to assert their ideas over others.


This is usually seen as the all-purpose tie as the colour has a calming effect on people surrounding the user. The wearer is seen as stable and confident. It is seen as the safest colour to wear because the user can’t be perceived as controlling or weak but is more seen as a calm person. The blue colour also comes in different shades from navy blue, sky blue to turquoise blue which sort of gives it another connotation. Sky blue is more tranquil while navy or darker shades of blue symbolises knowledge and seriousness which is why it is sometimes mixed up with Red. Be rest assured that anyone of the blue shades you decide to take will portray your personae as friendly.



The user is usually seen as elegant and powerful. It is most ideal for formal events where you don’t want to be seen as a show off, but want to make a statement as to your elegance and style.



The colour brown is usually ascribed to the earth and it signifies masculinity and stability. Wearing a brown tie would help bring out the masculine aura take the ladies swoon.



This colour is connected to the lush green grasses around us which signifies nature. It dons a fresh and new nature on the wearer. It portrays the user as peaceful and fun loving.



The orange colour is loud and as such, a person wearing an orange coloured tie would be seen as creative and fun to be with. People would perceive such person as enthusiastic and committed to a cause.



The colour pink makes a wearer appear gentle and friendly even though certain shades of the colour is close in appearance to Red – the power tie.



The colour yellow ascribes a cheerful and prestigious personality on the wearer. The user is perceived as cheerful and intelligent due to the brightness it brings to their style.


When next you want to choose a Tie colour, ensure you choose the best style and colour that suits you.





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