Here Are The Top Television Series To Watch In 2015

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With the year 2014 almost over, it is definitely the right time to start planning for the new year. With so much interesting and wonderful series that grazed our television screens this year ranging from comedy, science fiction, action, fantasy and drama, 2015 promises to be a more interesting year as movie and television buffs are guaranteed to have unlimited fun and entertainment from television shows.


The year 2015 is expected to bring new and follow up continuation television series to our screens. I have decided to take a run down of interesting television shows that would captivate and keep us glued to our television screens in the coming year.


How to get away with murder


With the success of the ABC produced Scandal television series, the production outfit with the help of executive producer Shonda Rhimes, has come up with another great idea in the form of How to get away with Murder. The legal drama stars Viola Davis as a morally bereft college Professor -Annalise Keating who grooms a series of law students to work at her firm while teaching them ways of becoming good criminal defence lawyers. The show kicked off in late 2014 and is expected to gather the same level of passionate and ardent followers as it’s sister show ‘Scandal’.


The Walking Dead


This is a madly popular Zombie show which has had mixed reviews in its four seasons of grazing our television screens. As the show moves into its fifth season in early 2015, it is expected that the show will begin on a captivating note as Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick and his various allies make moves to survive and escape from their captors who appear seemingly to be cannibals.



House of Cards


This political thriller sure tops others as it brings to the fore the scheming of politicians in their quest for power. Kevin Spacey is Frank Underwood a ruthless schemer intent on working his was from congress into the seat of the president. In 2014, when the Season two of House of Cards aired, Frank Underwood with the help of his wife was able to successfully gain the seat of the president by ensuring all that stood in his way were either manipulated or murdered. Season three of this sensational political drama series is expected to start airing in the first quarter of 2015 as we wait to see what is left for him to conquer after winning the ultimate prize of the white house seat.




Vikings has had an impressive outing in its first and second season which was good enough for the History channel to order a third season. The second season ended with Ragnar Lodbrok gaining the ultimate seat of King of Sweden after killing the king who had same intentions of murdering Ragnar. Ragnar’s issues with the women in his life continues as he still demands loyalty from his brother. All in all, season three of Vikings is expected to kick up more than a few surprises.





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